Monday, September 25, 2023

PS130M - Cherrydale Catalog Fundraising - (September 22 - October 25)

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PS130MPA - General Meeting Minutes - Thursday, June 15, 2023

                                                                      PS 130M - PARENTS ASSOCIATION

143 Baxter Street Room 101, New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212-226-8072
Email:       Website:

Parents Association Board Members:           
Co-Presidents: Karen Ma & Joseph Li  
Co-Treasurers: Gloria Tsang & Alice Chen                                                               
Co-Secretaries: Amy Hu

Parents Association Events Coordinator: Lisa Wong
Parent Coordinator:  Diane Chong
Parents Association Email:            
Parents Association Website:       

Minutes to PS 130M General Meeting June 15, 2023

Attendance: Mr. Renny Fong, Lisa Wong, Yvonne Moy, Gloria Tsang, Yanna Xu, Amy Hu, Joseph Li, Alice Chen, Michelle, Sally, Lily and 23 other participants (see sign in sheet, in person)

Meeting Commence: 8:45 am Translator: Joseph Li & Lily Wai Lee

Parents’ Association opening & Review. 

Joseph Li – Co-Presidents

Good morning, everyone, this is our last meeting of the year.

  1. Thank you for coming. This is the last meeting minutes for review
    and to be approved. 2 people approved the minutes, minutes are placed on record and will be posted on the PA blog site. Thank you!

  2. This is the last meeting’s treasury report and the budget for the coming school year 2023/2024 for review and approval. 3 people approved the treasury report and budget. Thank you! 

1. OK! We have voting for new members for the next school year.
We have Jennie here who is an SLT member who will be conducting the elections.

Jennie – for the 2023/ 2024 school year we have the following board member seats open during this election.

  • -  2 Co-Presidents

  • -  2 Co-Treasurers

  • -  2 Co-Secretary

    We will be voting in these positions for next year. You can self-nominate as well as nominate others for these board members’ positions.

    I call to vote on the Co-President positions.

    Joseph Li – Self nominates for the Co-President position.
    18 people voted Joe in for the Co-President position. Congratulations Joe.

  • I call to vote on the Co-Treasurer position.

    Gloria Tsang – self nominates for the Co-Treasurer position. 18 people voted Gloria in for the Co-Treasurer position. Alice Chen – self nominates for the Co-Treasurer position. 19 people voted Alice in for the Co-Treasurer position. Congratulations Gloria & Alice.

  • I call to vote on the Co-Secretary position.

    Amy Hu – self nominates for the Co-Secretary position.
    21 people voted Amy in for the Co-Secretary position.

    Lily Wai Lee – self nominates for the Co-Secretary position. 20 people voted Lily in for the Co-Secretary position. Congratulations Amy & Lily.

  • Jennie – Calls to end the elections.

    SLT – will have its continuing members because the position is a 2-year position. Jennie will continue to be in our Title I and SLT positions for the upcoming school year.

2. Principle remarks:

Mr. R, Fong – Hi everyone, I have my bike today, I’m going to ride it up to Lincoln Center because our children will be performing outside in a free concert with YPC.

Thank you for your support, the annual benefit raised $66,710.18 to help pay for all the arts programs.

Thank you to my predecessor Mr. Woo, her kidney is trying to wake up. Thanks to her for starting all these programs. 

Just in are our new budgets, this year our budget is fine but next year our budget will be tight. We haven’t done lunch forms in a while but now we must do lunch forms to maintain our title I status. We will give them out in the fall or online. We must fill out this form.

Thank you for all your support, nest week we have Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 5th grade graduation, and the Talent show in the evening. CPC’s last day will be tomorrow, Friday.

The teachers’ contract impacts our school schedule; our schedule might change. In the fall school might start at 8:15 instead of 8:30am. We won’t know until the contract is in place. The teachers used to start at 8am to 8:30am – that’s why sometimes you were able to meet the teachers during that time. The new school schedule might be from 8:15am to 2:30pm or 3:35pm.

Any questions or concerns? Thank you.

Audience - Thank you Mr. Fong. 

3. PA _Fundraising for 2022-2023

  • Bake Sale
  • Candy Sale
  • Annual Ask
  • Photo day
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Spirit Clothes
  • Holiday show
  • Benefit Gala
  • Mother’s Day
  • Handmade Bead Sale

       If any parents have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know. 

4.  Upcoming events – June 2023
    -  Bake Sale – Tuesday 6/6/23
    -  Dance to Unite finale performance – Wednesday 6/7/23
    -  Chancellor day – Thursday 6/8/23 – no school
    -  Clerical Day – Friday 6/9/23 – no school 
    -  Young People’s Chorus (YPC) performance at 6:30pm – Wednesday 6/14/23
    -  Juneteenth – Monday 6/19/23 – no school
    -  Pre- K Graduation ceremony – Tuesday 6/20/23
    -  Kindergarten graduation ceremony – Wednesday 6/21/23
    -  5th grade graduation ceremony – Thursday 6/22/23 
    -  Talent show – Friday 6/23/23 in the evening
    -  Last day of school – Tuesday 6/27/23 

5.    More ways to support the PA.
        – donations are always accepted throughout the year.

       -  Corporate matching programs
        -  Support our numerous fundraisers such as bake sales and seasonal sales! 
  • Please consider having or using non-profit fundraising such as birthday fundraising on Facebook for school donations. 

6.     PA contact information
        -  Email -
        -  PA room 101 – 212-226-8072
        -  Blog site –

Have a great summer everyone! Any questions? – no answer

Thank you everyone!

Closing time – 9.05am – next general meeting will be in the Fall. 

PS130MPA - General Meeting Presentation - Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

PS130MPA - General Meeting - Thursday, September 21




143 Baxter Street Room 101, New York, NY 10013

Tel: 212-226-8072

Email:       Website:


Dear Parents and Guardians of Pre-K to 5 Graders,

Welcome to a new school year! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are excited to begin a new year at PS130. As many of you know, PS130 ranks in the top 10% of all NYC public elementary schools. With your help we can maintain this ranking for this coming year and beyond.

The Parents Association plays an important role in our school by supporting the initiatives of the Principal and administration. The PA serves as the main information center for many parents unfamiliar with the Board of Education and our school. We are responsible for the many annual fundraising events, school parties, book sales, workshops and school fairs. However, none of this would be possible without your participation.

There will be a Parents Association General Meeting for all in the auditorium on Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 8:45AM.  The topics to be discussed are:

  • Principal welcoming
  • Introduction of board members
  • Reading and Approval of Minutes
  • PA Financials: June 2023 Treasurer’s Report
  •  Upcoming Events

o        Cherrydale Catalog Fundraising (Friday, September 22 – Wednesday, October 25)

o        Bake Sale – Wednesday, October 11

o        School Photo Days (Tuesday, October 17 & Wednesday, October 18)

  • Principal's remarks/announcements
  • Any parent issues, questions or proposals

Please come to our meeting! Your participation and support play a vital role in our school.  All PS130M parents and guardians are welcome!

Thank you.

Parents Association


    Tuesday, September 5, 2023

    Chinatown Partnership & BID - World Health QiGong Day (9/9) | Chinatown Beautification Day (9/9-10)


    Manhattan Borough President - Mark Levine - Getting ready for the new school year? Check out our Back-To-School Resource Guide

     As the bright summer sun makes way for the crisp air of autumn, it's that special time of the year again – the beginning of the school year! I'm filled with hope and excitement as we gear up for another educational year for NYC’s children.

    The start of a new school year is crucial. It’s a time to reset, refocus, and rebuild. 

    There is so much to do in preparation for the school year to ensure that our children are mentally and physically ready, not just for their academic success but for their overall well-being.

    To help families prepare and have all the information they need to set their kids up for success, I'm thrilled to introduce our Manhattan Borough President’s Office Back to School Resource Guild.  

    Friday, September 1, 2023

    Links to PS130M Back to School Family Information Session/Town Hall - Wednesday, August 30


    Dearest Families,

    It was so nice to see so many of you at this evening's virtual Back to School Family Information Session/Town Hall.

    Here is a YouTube Link to the recording:

    Here is a link to the slide presentation with translations:

    Our staff will be returning on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

    We look forward to seeing everyone soon!  Please take good care, and stay safe.


    PS 130 Hernando De Soto (Manhattan)

    NYC Public School - Food Service Jobs Hiring

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